samedi 30 octobre 2010

French NUAGE m. vs Spanish NUBE f.

The Open Applied Linguistics Journal, 2008, Volume 1 / p. 69

Some nouns that are grammatically masculine and feminine in French are the opposite grammatical genders in Spanish. Hence, a cloud is masculine in French un nuage, but feminine in Spanish: una nube.

I wanted to insert a comment on the origin of two words French NUAGE and Spanish NUBE.
French NUE f. (cloud) which was replaced later by its derivative (NUE + suff. -age m.) and Spanish NUBE f. both come from Latin nuba f., and are both feminine. French changed NUE f. into a masculine noun by the addition of a masculine suffix.
French NUE f. gave another feminine derivative meaning large cloud with feminine suffix -ée: NUEE f.

NUE f. D'un lat. pop. *nuba, altération du lat. class. nubes «nuage; essaim; multitude; obscurité, voile (fig.)»
NUAGE m. Dér. de nue* auquel il s'est substitué; suff. -age (suff. masculin)
NUEE f. Dér. de nue*; suff. -ée, v. -é.

Prima-elementa: nubes, nubis, f.

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