mercredi 19 mai 2010

Genre grammatical en français : bibliographie

Dalila Ayoun
Professor of French Linguistics and SLAT, University of Arizona

My research interests lie in the second language acquisition of syntax-morphology (tense-aspect-mood/modality, grammatical gender) and French linguistics from a generative/minimalist perspective. I am particularly interested in the psycholinguistic processes which underlie the acquisition of languages past the age of puberty, as well as web-based and computerized experimental research. BIBLIOGRAPHIE

Ayoun, D. (2007). The acquisition of grammatical gender in L2 French. In D. Ayoun (ed.), French Applied Linguistics, pp. 130-170. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Selected Conferences

"A corpus analysis of French grammatical gender in context". EuroSLA, September 2-5, 2009, Cork, Ireland. Accepted submission.

"The (in)stability of grammatical gender assignment and agreement among French native speakers". AAAL, March 21-24, 2009, Denver. Accepted submission.

“The acquisition of future expression by L2 French instructed learners”. Romance Turn Workshop II, University of Utrecht, September 7-9, 2006. Accepted submission.

“Grammatical gender and agreement in L2 French: A minimalist approach”. PacSLRF, Brisbane, July 6-8, 2006. Accepted submission.

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